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Paddleboard and Kayak Adventures!


Stand Up Paddleboard Adventures

We offer group or private Paddleboard adventures on beautiful Apalachicola Bay or off the white sandy beaches of St. George Island.   We can also include kayaks for anyone not comfortable on a Paddleboard!

Weekly Schedules Available at Island Dog Outdoors

We have a set schedule at the beginning of each week.  We watch the weather and will adjust location, day, and times to get the best possible experience.  Stop by for more details!

Great Family Fun!

We can accommodate up to 8 people on an excursion, life jackets are provided for everyone!  

Family and Friend Group Rates Available!

Why not bring along the entire crew!  We can make private excursion reservations based on your needs and experience level.  

Our Equipment is the Best!

We want you to have the best experience possible, so we provide the best foundation for your adventure.  Our paddleboards are lightweight and easy to maneuver ensuring our novice and experienced participants all have a great time.  

More Details

Everyone needs to be in good health as paddleboarding does require you to go between standing and sitting on a floating board.   We do provide life jackets, but you do need to be able to pull yourself up onto the board if you fall off.   This effort is much like pulling yourself out of a pool.  

We do not provide water shoes, but you are welcome to bring you own.

We recommend sunscreen, especially on cloudy days.   

Children are welcome as long as they are with a parent.   The parent assumes all risks. 

Dogs are welcome.  Human parents assume all risks. 

If it's windy on the scheduled day, we will reschedule to a better time/day.